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N62473-14-G-0028 T.O. 0005

Replace Gym floor & renovate laundry ~ Award amount $490,000.00

    The main scope item was to remove existing rubber flooring on the gym floor and install a new sport floor system complete with painted lines for basketball and volleyball. In addition, the interior walls of the gym were painted.

    Larco Development demolished existing pre-fab building and slab to accommodate the construction of a new PEB to serve as a laundry facility. The replacement required installation of new concreteslab and footings, new fire suppression, electrical, and underground utilities to the new PEB. Newindustrial grade washers were connected; lights, new cabinetry, wall outlets, relocation of breaker box; recessed water supply spigots, sink, plumbing, floor drain, and ice machine were all installed.

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