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Sampling - Not all contracts are listed


N62473‐17‐C‐3406 Install & Repair Fire Sprinklers & Transmitters Bldg. 9265,9267 SPAWAR 9211, 9212

Award Amount: $3,999,706.20

N62473-16-C-0611 MCAS Miramar Microgrid P-906 (Sub001)

Award Amount: $1,049,234.00

N62473-16-C-2208 Fence and Gate upgrades

Award Amount : $1,124,003.00

N62473-14-C-2606 Repair Classrooms and Restroom, Bldg. 626 - Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Award Amount: $2,274,264.07


N62473-14-C-2605 Paint Repairs of Bldg. 10, 12, and 26 - Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Award Amount: $3,573,815.00


N62473-15-C-0603 Install New Lighting Fixtures in B9670 Hangar 6 - Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Award Amount: $875,090.00


Job Order Contract: N62473-14-D-2601 MCAS Miramar:

Award Amount: $4,000,000.00


Job Order Contract: N62473-14-D-2608 MCAS Miramar:

Award Amount: $4,000,000.00


Task Order No. 0006-Repair Building 29 - Marine Corps Recruit Depot:

Award Amount: $639,930.05


Contract No. N62473-12-D-2610 004- Construct Carports - MCAS Miramar

Award Amount: $400,000.00

​N62473-15-C-3807 China Lake Bear Town Tower

Award Amount: $3,412,850.40

N62473-16-C-0409 Twentynine Palms Repair Building 2044

Award Amount: $4,009,241.23

USACE (Army Corps. of Engineers)

W912PL-16-D-0047-0014 Repair HVAC Equip Research B8255

Award Amount: $921,711.31

W912PL-17-D-0053 POCA Repair School Age Annex

Award Amount: $1,671,096.45

W912PL-15-D-0014 MC and Repair Buildings 9630, 9634, 9636 & 9638

Award Amount: $1,636,401.75


W912PL-16-D-0047-001 Fire Hydrants and Isolation Valves Base Wide

Award Amount: $985,983.28

W912PL-16-D-0052-001 Repair Storm Damaged Miscellaneous Areas

Award Amount: $1,435,328.00

General Service Administration (GSA)

GS09P14NPC0016 Crack and Drywall Repair Annex Federal Building

Award Amount: $257,000.00

GS09PI5KLC7003 5th Floor HVAC Upgrade

Award Amount: $256,553.09

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