Replace Fire Hydrants Base Wide ~ Award amount $985,983.28

The Air Force Test Center (AFTC), Edwards AFB, CA, Replace Fire hydrants and Isolation Valves base
wide. Larco Development was responsible for:

Selective Demolition, Site Preparation, Site Plumbing Utilities, Other Site Construction and General
Each site consist of the following for each Hydrant: 1 ea. Wet Barrel fire hydrant with 1 ea. 4-1 /2"
hose connection and 2ea. 2-1/2" hose connections, 2 ea. 6"spools. 1ea. 6" break off
spool, 1ea. 6" hydrant bury, 1ea. 6" flanged gate valve, 1ea. 6" flange adapter, and all the
applicable gaskets and hardware. All products being of domestic manufacture origin.